Projects in development

Forma Pro Films has a broad resource base - for a long period of time company has been working with international partners around the world in order to realize and develop film and television projects of any scale.

If you have an idea for a fiction film and resources for development, Forma Pro Films is open for collaboration! More information on the page Collaboration or contact us directly by emailing at development@formaprofilms.com

  • TAL 2018 (feat. movie)

  • The Great Game (mini series)

TAL 2018 (feat. movie)

The Biographical Drama is partly based on the life and loves of Mikhail Tal a Grandmaster and the eighth World Chess Champion from Riga, Latvia. The feature film is an adaptation of story of Mikhail Tal's life in drama genre. The project is a Latvian-USA co-production. General producer is FORMA PRO FILMS who has the exclusive right to use the information and intellectual property associated with the name of Mikhail Tal, which allows the company to develop the project. Synopsis When Western propaganda painted a drab, gray picture of life in USSR, bohemians in the capital city of the Latvian Socialist Republic, Riga, partied hard, played jazz, dressed up in mod clothes and loved passionately. One of the brightest meteoric stars to appear in that mix was Michail Tal. Independent, brainy and a bit of a spoiled enfant terrible, at 23 he became the youngest Chess Grand Master of the World.

The Great Game (mini series)

“In modern times, wars and revolutions are about oil” 1920, Anonymous This is a sketch for a television series, which follows four generations of the Delaheys of Britain and Russia’s Oryegins over the course of 100 years. Their stories are set against The Great Game*: the struggle between two great empires, Britain and Russia, for oil rich Central Asia and the Middle East. This story begins in 1850...