Our film company has good relations with all equipment rentals in the Baltic and Nordic region. Latvia has full range of film production equipment, and well adjusted communication and logistics between Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia and Finland rentals allow quickly and without additional fees deliver the latest cinema equipment overnight.

Camera Equipment

  • ARRI Alexa cameras
  • RED cameras
  • SONY cameras
  • Cameras Blackmagic Design
  • Canon cameras
  • Telescopic camera cranes up to 15m
  • Operator lifters
  • Section camera cranes up to 27m
  • Gyroscopic stabilization platform for TV / film cameras
  • Dollies, rails
  • The mechanical stabilization of the tv / movie camera
  • Equipment for shooting from the car
  • Equipment for shooting from the air
  • Operator platform cars
  • Optical accessories and more

Lightning & Grip equipment

  • Full range of white light
  • Full spectrum light yellow light
  • Full spectrum Led lamps
  • A full range of lamps Kinoflo
  • Full spectrum light Dedolight
  • helium balloons
  • Specialist. effects
  • Tripods, Grip, Hand etc.

Additional equipment

  • Power generators (super quiet)
  • Camera VANs
  • Mobile trailer WC
  • Mobile car office
  • MakeUp & Wardrobe trailers
  • Set operation equipment
  • Skylift and Cherypikers
  • Honey wagons