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At the moment Cinevilla is the biggest open air film-city that is built in Baltics. Today, Cinevilla has two parts, City and Small town. City has quay, historic building facades, parts of the historic bridges and other buildings. All of wich were built following the historical blueprints.

Small town has wooden facades, market square, fire station, church, storage facilities, roads and other facilities that were tipical at the time for small cities, villages and suburbs.
There is also a fragment of railroad, real wagons and locomotive.

In total there are more than 40 buildings.

Part of the project there are also cars, armored cars, trams and two dozen other vehicles, which are used for military scenes. There are storages with costumes of the era, including uniform of Latvian army at the time.

Studio is located 40 km outside Riga.

Also there are two film sets on the territory.

In total Cinevillas’ decorations take up 15 hectares of the total 150 hectars of land.