Latvia is incredibly convenient country in terms of logistics. The country is located in the center of Europe and has an access to the sea.

Riga is a center of air, road and rail communication. Which allows to easily access the country from any part of the world, as well as it majorly simplifies transportation of any necessary cargo into the country.

There are a lot of companies in the country that deal with cargo transportation in Europe, Asia, as well as intercontinental transportation. Which allows to easily deliver any type of filming equipment and other cargo in case of necessity.

Riga International Airport offers an excellent air communication, 5 flights a day to London, 6 to Moscow, direct flight to New York.

Latvia can offer a great number of hotels and apartments for any type of budget, from low cost hostels located in the heart of Old Riga, to luxury rooms and apartments in 5 star hotels.

Most of the hotels are located near cafes and restaurants. Latvia, especially Riga, is offering a wide spectrum of different types of cuisine. Fusion cuisine is very common for Riga restaurants. Restaurants also offer traditional Latvian dishes that are common for the region, as well as dishes created by local chefs with incredible combination of tastes and textures.

Latvia is considered to be one of the safest countries in the world. Is a part of the European union and Schengen zone.