TV Series about wonders and Intricacies in the Holiday resort hotel

The story of romantic TV series “Resort Hotel Secrets” is set in the scenic spots and the background of a luxury hotel, with the main characters: the security guard, bartender, manager and maid. Non-professional actors took part in the shooting. Distinctive feature of the series is that all the situations taken out of life, and each of them could happen to anybody. Each episode is another story of one of the guests of the hotel, which has an admixture of intrigue and humour.


Dmitry Barin
Svetlana Pronina
Mikhail Mamedov


Kseniya Andreeva
Roman Aronson
Stanislav Tokalov
Svetlana Punte


Scripted Reality Show


Igor Pronin
Yulia Zaytseva
Ekaterina Zhigalkina