Survive (2020): Here Are the All Filming Locations

The survivors in the series crash land in a mountain range somewhere in Montana; filming of the mountainous terrain was carried out in Italy, and studio shooting was done in Latvia. The movie was shot at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, and thus most countries were under lockdown. The eastern European country of Latvia hadn’t been hit hard by the pandemic and had much lighter restrictions, allowing for unrestricted filming. Principal photography began in August 2019 and was wrapped up by April 17, 2020. Allow us to take you through the specific locations used for lensing scenes of the adventure thriller. Riga, Latvia The capital city of Riga houses the movie studio of Latvia-based Forma Pro Films, which was used by the film crew to create setpieces for interior scenes using their soundstages. Forma Pro Films is a leading Baltic Region movie production company that collaborated with EMH Globale to produce the series. Their studio is located on Trokšņu iela 10, Centra rajons (Central Region). The film’s indoor shots for filmed at the studio, including its beginning scenes of the Life House, and ending sequence in the hospital. The avalanche sequence was the most important part of shooting in the studio, requiring greenscreen work, false walls, and stunt work. A stunt double was flung through the air to simulate the impact of the raging snow.